Look Vision

Our dynamic team of Optical Technicians uses only last-generation equipments.
We guarantee mountings of all types (full-rim, half-rim, acetate and rimless) on a wide range of standard ophtalmic lenses (unifocal, bifocal and progressive), as well as special requests.

Using our ophthalmic laboratory :

  • your employees save time in laboratory and have more time for other tasks
  • you don't have to care about broken lenses during mounting
  • you easily order by fax or EDI
  • we find for you the ideal lens diameter for each frame
  • you receive a finalised equipment ready for the customer


Our equipment

Edgers : Weco Edge 990, Briot Accura lab, cl
Scanform: Weco TraceII, Briot Axcell. Edgers and scanforms works together in array for high-reactivity processing. With such an equipment, rimless frames and eyeshape changes are easy to make. Look Vision is the first French company to own the Weco Edge 990, with a capacity of 28 jobs / hour.


Quality control

Each frame is carefully controlled in order to guarantee :

  • correct alignment between lenses and frame
  • same color on both eyes for sunglass lenses
  • meticulous final adjustment (temples, nosepads, fronts)
  • the perfect finish of the frame (paint and coating) and lenses (in order to detect flaws, verify smoothness of surface, and ensure thickness of coating on lenses).


Optical Lab Contact

Customer service : +33 (0)
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